World Baton Twirling Federation
European Continent
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Welcome to the WBTF European Commission.
I am Nicky O'neill and the Chair of the European Commission since 2016, before this I was the secretary position.
I have been involved in this wonderful sport since 1974 when my mum began our club.
I have held many positions within my own association, the BBTSA, and I continue to be involved in coaching and judging domestically. I have a deep passion for twirling, it brings me great joy and happiness and I work every day to help and assist both my domestic association and the International federation.
Although our sport is young in International terms we continue to strive for developing and increasing participation throughout the world and the aims of the European Commission is to increase participation throughout Europe as well as supporting our already existing members.
There are many exciting developments happening within our sport and the future looks very promising.

For any information or help please contact